Hi, my name is nhu :)
I make art sometimes, I like to eat good food, and my favorite color is blueeee...
If you see me at events, come say hi!!
ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ ★

about me

a little more about me :)I like anime but I prefer reading manga and webtoons much more. There's usually music playing around me and I listen to a lot of difference genres. I'm trying to be better about taking photos about myself (˃ᆺ˂✿)* ✿ ❀ ★ ❀ ✿ *I have a pretty decently sized army of plushies and sometimes I take one with me on trips. I don't get to go to events often but if you catch me in the wild, come over and say hi to me (and my traveling buddy)!

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